The Course, which is not overly long, has a traditional structure. Accuracy off the tee is a must for the player, who must thread his way to the green amongst clusters of bunkers, desert areas and the aforementioned water hazards.

The best golf courses are the ones that make you want to return.

Set in some beautiful surroundings with only minimal villas and apartments nearby, La Serena is a befitting name. The golf course features gentle hills and undulating fairways, with sculptured flower shaped bunkers dotted in between lakes, greens and palm trees.

The star attraction is several large lakes, abundant with wildlife, that intertwine through the course. Water and lakes feature on 16 of the 18 holes, but the whole course is designed to offer the golfer alternative strategies on each hole.

The course should be played strategically; each hole offers options for the brave and the cautious, with safe areas to choose if you don´t fancy the shot over the water!

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La Serena Golf Course

The Designer

Manuel Piñero was born in Badajoz in 1952. He learned the trade in the reputed Club de Campo Villa de Madrid and joined the European Tour in 1972, where he competed regularly until 2002, obtaining 9 wins altogether and making it to the ryder Cup team in two occasions.

He won the Wolrd Cup in 1974 and again in 1982 with Seve Ballesteros and José Maria Cañizares respectively.

In 2003 he joined the European Seniors Tour, where he still competes to this day. His record in Spain is second to none too, winning the Individual Spanish Pro Championship 5 times and the Doubles in another five occasions. Known and feared by his fellow professionals for his deadly accurate short game, Manuel Piñero now lives in the Costa del Sol.

Course Information

Hole by hole

Hoyo 1 La Serena Golf

Hole 1

A totally straight hole where the player must find his way to the green between different clusters of bunkers and O.B. on the left and a large lake on the right.

Hole 2 La Serena Golf

Hole 2

The player must decide on the tee how much of the lake he wants to cut in order to leave himself a long iron or an easy pitch to the green.

Hole 3

All carry over a lake, this medium length par 3 has a huge green and a generous escape area on the left hand side.

Hole 4

A well placed tee shot avoiding the bunkers and the lake in front of the tee results vital in order to tackle the green.

Hole 5

With O.B. down the left, hitting the fairway is a must if the player wishes to hit this green, which is protected by a large lake and a deep bunker.

Hole 6

A recovery hole where the player faces a short, straightforward pitch if he manages to avoid the lake with his drive.

Hole 7

A long, well placed tee shot between the bunkers on both sides of the fairway gives the player the chance to hit the green in two for a likely birdie.

Hole 8

A very technical hole where club selection on the tee will determine the length of the approach shot and the chances of a good score.

Hole 9

With water all down the left and plenty of room to the right, this medium length par 3 represents a good birdie chance.

Hole 10

Generally playing into he wind, this is a tough par 4 where the player must stay away from a large lake that protects the green on the right hand side.

Hole 11

The longest hole on the course, it offers plenty of room amongst the bunkers so players can open up their shoulders and try and get close o the green in two shots.

Hole 12

A long tee shot away from the cluster of bunkers on the left hand side of the fairway is the only way to hit this tough, well defended green.

Hole 13

Another decision hole where the player´s choice of club on the tee will determine his options of a good store.

Hole 14

A rather difficult hole with water all the way to the green on the right and several tricky bunkers and OB on the left.

Hole 15

A long par 3 hole with water and a generously sized angled green.

Hole 16

A well placed tee shot between the massive bunker on the left and the lake on the right is the only way to attack the pin on this par 4´s difficult green.

Hole 17

Usually playing into the wind, this all-carry short hole will be a crucial piece in the final score of the day.

Hole 18

A tough tee shot with O.B. on the left and a ravine bisecting the fairway in the landing area for the second shot make of this hole a worthy end to the round.